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There’s a lot of information Mitragaia customers need to know, we’ve gathered here all most common questions with answers.

What is Mitragaia?

Mitragaia is an online kratom supplier based in Las Vegas with a great variety of products and excellent customer service.
It offers high-quality products harvested in South Asia.
Mitragaia cares about quality and safety that’s why every batch is tested for purity and efficiency by independent labs.

What is Mitragaia Kratom?

Mitragaia kratom is made from the finest 100% Mitragyna Speciosa. It is available in four different forms: powder, capsules, tablets, extracts.
Each batch of Maitragaia kratom is tested for quality control to prove its quality, safety and cleanliness.

What is Mitragaia powder?

Mitragaia offers plenty of kratom powder options.
There are Red (the strongest), Green (mild), White (most popular), Yellow (energy-producing), Gold (relaxing effects) Veins, Maeng Da (pain-relieving) and also some Blends.
You may order 1 kg, 250 g or 1 oz package.

What is Mitragaia Speciosa?

Mitragaia Kratom is made of 100% Mitragyna Speciosa tropical tree. It is harvested in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. This plant was known for its opioid properties and used in herbal medicine for a long time. For now its properties are under research in order to prove its efficiency and safety.

What are Mitragaia best strains?

Mitragaia has a wide variety of Kratom products and here some of the best Mitragaia strains in 2021:
Red Maeng Da (energizing and relaxing at the same time)
Ganesh Maeng Da (euphoric)
Red Bali (the most sedating, stress-relief)
Super Green Malay (mood-boosting)
White Vietnam (the most stimulating

What are Mitragaia capsules?

Mitragaia capsules are available in different options: 1kg, 250g and 1oz package. Each capsule contains about 4-6g of 100% Kratom powder. Capsules are made of gelatine and there are no vegan options available now.
Mitragaia Kratom capsules are pure and potent which is proved by many quality tests.

What are Mitragaia gold md?

Mitragaia Gold Maeng Da Kratom originates from Thailand. It is widely known for its mood-boosting and pain relieving properties due to a unique blend of alkaloids. This strain is quite difficult to harvest and particularly rare, however Mitragaia offers Gold Maeng Da in different options.

What are Mitragaia elephant?

Mitragaia Elephant is one of Green Vein Kratom strains. It is a unique strain known for its huge leaves and it has the properties of both White, Green and Red veins. This product is good at relieving body discomfort and boosting energy. Perfect to get rid of anxiety and clear your mind.

Does Mitragaia have sale?

Mitragaia Sale is a special section on the Mitragaia website where you can find some products and get them at lower cost. Mitragaia fair prices on an ongoing basis, but it is important to increase customer loyalty that’s why Mitragaia always has this Sale section but not only for a special occasion.

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