Mitragaia Products Review

Mitra Gaia is a reliable Kratom vendor with an excellent selection of products.
Read this guide to learn more about all strains, powder and capsules.

Mitragaia Speciosa Plant

Mitragaia Kratom is harvested from the special Southeast Asian plant Mitragyna speciosa. In traditional medicine it was used to relieve muscle pain, boost energy and increase appetite by chewing leaves. The extract of this plant was used as a local anesthetic and for intestinal infections treatment.

Mitragaia White Malay Review

Mitragaia offers White Malay Kratom in capsule and powder form. White Malay is not unique or rare, but its biggest benefit is availability and its main property is energy and mood boosting. Even just a little dose is enough to feel better. Mitragaia White Malay strain is a great choice for a newbie.

Mitragaia Green Dragon Review

Mitragaia Green Dragon is a unique blend of Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da speciosa. It is used to deal with a range of ailments. It did great in reducing the symptoms of depression and panic attacks or some sleep problems on one hand, and it is also used as an energy boosting on the other hand.

Mitragaia White Dragon Review

Mitragaia White Dragon is a mixture of the finest White Elephant and Maeng Da speciosa offered in capsule and powder form. This blend is used mostly to improve energy, focus and mindfulness. It also helps to stimulate the physical and mental state and lighten the mood.

Mitragaia White Maeng Da Kratom Review

Mitragaia White Maeng Da Kratom is known as the best energy boosting Kratom in the world and highly appreciated for its motivation raising properties. It is used to replace the cup of coffee or as an addition to it. It is the best choice to clear your mind and stay more motivated and confident.

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