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Chemyo customers often look for some information regarding their questions, we’ve tried to gather all essential answers on this page.

Can I trust Chemyo? Is Chemyo reliable?

Definitely yes, Chemyo is very reliable so you can trust it completely. Chemyo always cares about its customers by maintaining the quality of the product, that is why it has so many regular customers and positive feedback. Rest assured you’ll get the best quality SARMs and Nootropics tere.

Is Chemyo legit? Are Chemyo SARMs legit?

Yes, Chemyo and its products are legit.
Chemyo is an honest and reputable SARMs vendor. It sells best quality products, which are regularly tested for purity and efficacy. Every product and component is tested by 3rd parties and all certificates and verifications are constantly updated.

Is Chemyo a good brand? Is Chemyo a good site?

Yes, Chemyo is a good reliable brand.
Chemyo has a wide range of products which are regularly tested and controlled to guarantee you the best quality, transparent supply chain, fair prices, discounts and bonuses, excellent customer service and a great website layout.

Does Chemyo sell real SARMs?

Yes, Chemyo sells real SARMs.
They make every effort to keep their products pure and clean and prove the quality by testing in the leading laboratories. Also Chemyo provides the results of independent analyses for all products and components. The purity of Chemyo products reaches 99%

How long does Chemyo last? / How long does a bottle of Chemyo last?

Chemyo bottle lasts about 7 weeks, as they offer 50 ml bottles for Solutions on their website.
50 ml bottles let you get bigger volume (almost 70% more compared to a standard bottle) and save your money and of course last longer than standard 30 ml bottles.

How do I track my Chemyo?

Check the receipt to find your order ID, go to the Chemyo website and use it to track where your order is and when it will be delivered.
You may also use the tracking details which will be emailed to you right after the order is completed and shipped to track your Chemyo order.

How do I pay on Chemyo?

Chemyo offers a few options to pay for your order.
You may use a checkbox – pay via Secure eCheck but only available in the USA but you automatically get 5% discount. Also Chemyo accepts Visa / Mastercard cards and Bitcoin, get 10% discount on every order that is made with BTC/Crypto.

Does Chemyo come with dropper?

Yes, a disposable sterile 1 ml dropper is definitely added to every Chemyo order containing Solutions.
You should always use it to make sur your measurements are accurate enough.
If your order contains only powders then Chemyo do not provide you with a measuring tool.

How long does Chemyo shipping take? / Chemyo shipping time?

The shipping time of Chemyo order is about 3-7 business days within the USA.
It takes about 24-48 hours to complete and ship an order (Chemyo will inform you, if there is any delay, and notify you about the estimated time of dispatch) and 2-5 days to deliver your order.

Is Chemyo 3rd party tested? / Is Chemyo third party tested?

Yes, Chemyo products are third party tested on an ongoing basis.
Every product is being tested by one of the most advanced laboratories in the USA. Chemyo inspects each batch for the purity and right chemical structure. You may check the full documentation on the website.

What is Chemyo research?

Chemyo products are not intended for human use, only for laboratory and medical research.
Please remember there is not enough scientific proof to consider SARMs a safe alternative to steroids, although they are suitable for clinical studies, it is recommended not to use SARMs at your own discretion.

Where are Chemyo labs?

Chemyo works with a research facility based in Santa Ana, California, S&N labs.
Every component and compound undergoes thorough research and examination in this progressive laboratory to make sure the customers receive the purest and best quality products.

How long does Chemyo take to ship to Canada?

Usually it takes about 4-5 days to ship your Chemyo order to Canada.
But Chemyo has no control on delays right after the order has been shipped outside the facility. That is why the delivery time may be up to 7-21 business days depending on the destination and other conditions.

Does Chemyo ship to UK?

Yes, Chemyo accepts international orders and can ship to the UK.
International delivery takes about 7-21 business days. Also, Chemyo offers free shipping for International orders over 275 USD. You may use your order ID which you will find on the receipt to track your packa

Chemyo peptides review

Peptides are chemical compounds, which are used mostly by bodybuilders to grow muscles as an alternative to synthetic anabolic steroids. Chemyo does not sell Peptides.

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